Curb Your Enthusiasm - Smiley Face? - Season 8 Ep. 4

Curb Your Enthusiasm Did It of the Day: In a terrifying sign of the times, the New York Times today posted an article to its website accompanied by a headline that features a smiley-face emoticon. The Cutline's Dylan Stableford notes that this is not the first time a Gray Lady header has incorporated an emoticon, but it is the first time "an emoticon was used to convey information in a headline." Times senior software architect Jacob Harris took to Twitter to explain the surprising move. “Just to be clear, the :) is not in the print headline or the e-headline sent to electronic devices,” Harris tweeted. “It%u2019s just some homepage fun.” NPR%u2019s Eric Athas retweeted Harris and pointed to a poignant Curb Your Enthusiasm clip in which Larry David predicts this foreboding novelty:

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