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A LoCal woman who spent the day at Six Flags law.

A SoCal women who spent the day at Six Flags Magic Mountain while her one-year-old Pomeranian "Malibu" was locked in the car with some water is reportedly “distraught” after the park staff that rescued the pup from an 80-degree parking lot accidentally lost it. Shalanon Brooks says she would have brought Malibu — a doctor-prescribed “emotional support aid” — with her, except that the Louis Vuitton bag she carries her in had just ripped. According to Six Flags spokeswoman Sue Carpenter, when staff noticed the “distressed” dog, they “broke into the car to get the dog out [and] brought it over here to the dog kennel, revived it, gave it some water and cooled it down.” Unfortunately, as Malibu's water tray was being refilled, she took off through and open door and could not be retrieved. Brooks says the dog was not in immediate danger, but Six Flags is standing by their actions, which they say complies with the law.

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