LulzSec Offical National Anthem

LulzSec Offical National Anthem ~YTCracker Just a rap song ya dig? lyrics: im the defacto leader of a movement screaming "hack the planet" back in 99 hacktivism in its prime globalHell had the .mil rooted alphabet soup and their troops in the suits kid kicking down doors and seizing my equipment blocking all my shipments sitting on their hitlist 0day radical emphatic beat addict and that stab hit i envelope the game call me rabbit hop to hop i run the internet equivocally bitch i be hit em with the bytestyle symmetry digi g digital gangster repping till im dead steady grep apache logs when im looking for the feds fast forward now the internet anonymous and captains of the lulzboat raise the mast prominent dominant hacks - antisec on that new new dropping tables in mysql like it was some poo poo pound antisec - pounding through your speakers pound antisec - pound it to the bleachers pound antisec - if youre sitting below deck in the lulzboat salute bitch and show some respect lulzsec bitch they fold ya hacked sony got that md5 we rocked ya macaroni cook coke crack then boil like a noodle while hbgary stay toast like a streudel rootshell on ya bootstrap - now whos that? botnet mjoin and drop your whole c class see class? it is evident we flossing ion cannon in the proc list ddossing lean back bitch we be sending an injection magic quotes off JOIN TABLE intersection put it up on pastebin it wont get erased then 20 million hits to your dome like some cavemen ask cnn - you want a interview? send a PRIVMSG to the nickname sabu on irc - man we convening this some 99 throwback shit that im screaming

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