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A SECRET SENSE (artist page: http://www.asecretsense.com) is the piano project of the german composer Stephan Prinz (*1971,Worms). First album “The Piano Solo” was released in aug 2008 (available at www.cdbaby.com/cd/asecretsense or www.itunes.com/asecretsense ) .The first album is a purely calm and melancholic piano instrumental album, the follow up CD “Melancholique” is the second album of A Secret Sense and Fans of piano and female voices will love this album. Melancholique is full of inspiring acoustic Piano Pop songs, featuring an angelic female voice, flowing and romantic ballads played on a Steinway Grand Piano, accompanied by a touching violoncello and a great acoustic bass. These beautiful and skillfully crafted melodies are influenced by elements of romantic, pop and songwriter music. Emotions and nature is the overall topic of the songs, which are mostly very melancholic, calm and emotional. Melancholiqe is the typical kind of music evoking emotions, that you wish to close your eyes to just listen to and ease your mind. The poetry and art of the songs and lyrics finds its continuance in the whole appearance of the CD, which is distributed in an extraordinary book style with finest paper and aesthetic and artfully made black and white photography making this CD a rare collector´s item.

  • Duration: 03:08



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