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The Women Behind the Arellano Mexican Drug Cartel

She is often described as a discreet woman of strong character and firm decisions, speaks little and say those who know that from very early start their work activities. His name is Enedina and since 2003 is considered by the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) as the head of the Tijuana cartel, one of the most powerful and violent in the country and whose connections extend to several countries in Central and South America. The form of the DEA places Enedina Arellano Felix as the first woman to lead a criminal organization in the world. Never before had stressed females in leadership roles in drug trafficking, an activity historically operated by men. Although a member of one of the best known families in the world of drug trafficking in Mexico, Enedina not appear as head of the Tijuana Cartel in the eighties and nineties, a period that reached criminal organization to emerge as one of most powerful cartels whose main rivalry faced with the Juarez Cartel, headed by Amado Carrillo Fuentes, the Lord of Heaven. Although it must be said that Enedina, who studied public accounting in Guadalajara, was never outside the business, since he wrote the journalist Jesus Blancornelas in his book The cartel, published in 2003: "She always advised his brothers in business money laundering. " After the fall of Jesus Labra Aviles, El Chuy, in 2000, who was the financial brains of the Tijuana Cartel u2019% during his time of splendor was invested large sums of money in commercial projects in the river, exchange houses and hotels Tijuana Enedina Labra entered the relay and underpinned the business of the organization, at that time at risk of going bankrupt before the police and military attacks. Time after the expansion began Tijuana Cartel, especially its financial wing. This was detected by the Department of U.S. Treasury, which in 2005 launched an alert to ensure the Government of Mexico 25 companies related to money laundering Arellano Felix family. Some of these companies bulletins in the U.S. and whose growth is attributed to the administrative capacity of Enedina are Forpress SC; Manager Real Life, Distribuidora Imperial BC, BC Electronic Controls; Comercializadora Amia, and Organization Administrative Services, San Petrol Fernando, Real Estate The preson, Corrales San Ignacio LLC, and Change modules, among others. The list of companies linked to money laundering cartel in Tijuana is very large and includes Amigo Express Cash, Cash transactions and services; Multicaja of Tijuana, Chihuahua Food, Rio Grande Stockyards, Inc, Medical Life, Electronic Access, Strong Link of Mexico, Corrales San Ignacio, Indio Vitorio; Promotion Weekend, Del Norte San Ignacio fine meats; Real Estate Northern Scorpion, Profinsa, and Patricia House Changes. After receiving the report from the Treasury Department, the Attorney General's Office (PGR) noted the report but did nothing. To date, the Tijuana cartel companies continue to operate without being disturbed and show the government ineffectiveness in combating organized crime to combat the laundering of money from organized crime.

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