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Cig-Sucking WWE Star - SMOKED by Tobactivist

by Alponk45

WWE star R-Truth is taking serious heat for lighting up a cigarette on "RAW" last night ... in front of a row of kids -- and now, the biggest anti-smoking activist on the planet is DEMANDING he apologize. The drama began when Ron "R-Truth" Killings hit up the audience for a smoke ... and actually LIT UP right in front of them ...... including several children. But the on-screen cig-fest didn't sit so well with anti-smoking activist Patrick Reynolds (pictured right) -- Executive Director of -- who has officially issued a challenge to the wrestler ... to publicly apologize for the smoking stunt. Reynolds -- ironically the grandson of tobacco magnate R.J. Reynolds -- tells TMZ, "For him to smoke in front of [children] is irresponsible. At best, it's thoughtless, and at worst, if he calculated appealing to kids by posing as a bad-boy outlaw, it's evil." Reynolds adds, "If he wants help in quitting, I'll be happy to be his personal coach." The WWE issued a statement to TMZ defending the cigarette incident -- saying, "The negative effect smoking has on one%u2019s health and physical performance was a part of a storyline on last night%u2019s Monday Night Raw. Negative depictions of tobacco use on television are not unusual and can be seen on other TV-PG shows."

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