Wish is the movie that CONNECTS all of DISNEY, but...

In this video, we dive into the fascinating universe of "Wish," Disney's commemorative film celebrating its 100th anniversary. Discover how this production ventures into the origins of classic characters, offering a new perspective and expanding the magical world we all know. But, like any magical tale, "Wish" was not without its ups and downs. Join us as we explore the high points and areas of opportunity in the film's quality. From endearing characters to unexpected twists, we'll analyze every aspect that made "Wish" a roller coaster of emotions. What was your experience with "Wish"? Share your thoughts in the comments and join the conversation. If you enjoy the content, don't forget to subscribe for more analysis and news from the world of film - let's unravel the secrets behind this one-of-a-kind movie!

  • Duration: 15:47



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