Why Do Americans Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Why do Americans celebrate thanksgiving? Thanksgiving in America is one of the national holidays filled with pomp and ceremony. The fun-filled day is celebrated in the United States on the third Thursday of every November. It’s equal to or greater than Christmas or Halloween in the hearts of Americans as they come all out displaying their culinary skills using traditional turkey, vegetables, stuffing, and other treats. But why do Americans celebrate Thanksgiving? To find the answer to this question, you've got to trace the holiday back far beyond 1939 when President Franklin D. Roosevelt got the approval of Congress to make Thanksgiving a national holiday. Three centuries earlier in 1621, what is known today as Thanksgiving was first celebrated by the Pilgrims in Plymouth Plantation in Massachusetts. There are religious and moral sides to why Americans celebrate Thanksgiving. The American church claims to celebrate Thanksgiving to show gratefulness to a faithful God who saw the Pilgrims, the setters from England, through the arduous journey. The church also celebrates it supposedly as a sign of reference to God, thanking him for his faithfulness and goodness.

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