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Jack Harlow - Denver [Official Music Video]

[Chorus] Wonder, oh, why this ever had to be? (Uh-huh) So many losing hope in those dreams that they— [Verse 1] Walkin' past the homeless in a Rolex Just got off the stage on the TODAY Show and I basically felt soulless Years go by and I keep saying I'm gon' use my phone less But I should just be phone-less Ignorance is bliss and so is bein' underground 'Cause it was fun when we were known less Sorry, that's cliche, I know I'm so blessed But Jason keeps on tellin' me, "Say yes" And truth be told, I know he knows best But I don't wanna do no press I've seen enough of me on this lil' screen I've become so vain and insecure 'bout everything I feel all this pressure to live up to what they tell me I'm gon' be So I isolate myself, you can't help me, it's on me I'm hidin' any sign of weakness from my guys I don't want 'em second-guessin' with me Nemo said to keep my foot on necks 'cause I can't let 'em just forget me But the brags in my raps are getting less and less convincing So I'd rather just (Wonder) [Chorus] Oh, why this ever had to be? So many losing hope in those dreams that they— You might also like Gang Gang Gang Jack Harlow Common Ground Jack Harlow Blame On Me Jack Harlow [Verse 2] I wrote that first verse in Denver back in September It's January now and I'm feelin' like myself again I got Angel back in here, I need his help again I'm takin' time away but wonderin' what a healthy helping is Fuck it, they gon' check for me, I tell myself and tell my friends Avoidin' any talks about the elephant Chalkin' up the hate to jealousy and just embellishments But deep down, I find myself wonderin' If the people that write about me are right about me And I wonder if my exes are oversharin' 'cause they know a lot about me I'm a long way from Shelby County I been through some local tension, heard talks of a healthy bounty Sober and focused, I cannot walk down no deli alleys I still got the fellas 'round me, I love 'em and tell 'em proudly My mama needs help adjusting, my father needs help accounting I'm lookin' out heaven's window, I know that there's hell around me and— [Chorus] Wonder, oh, why this ever had to be? So many losing hope in those dreams that they—

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