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Bride stranded after car incident on her way to church

Bride gets stranded in Larcomar after car incident. The Peruvian bride was extremely nervous when she saw that her car was not moving forward on her wedding day. The scene went viral on TikTok. On the verge of tears and not knowing what to do, the young woman can be seen talking on her cell phone with her mother, to whom she told about the terrible moment she was going through as she was on her way to the church to say yes to her beloved. Her father, makeup artist, wedding planner and apparently her father were trying to console her and ask her to calm down, as the young woman did not stop showing her desperation because of what she was going through in the middle of Larcomar. At one point they tried to push the car but when they saw that it was impossible they asked for a cab.

  • Duration: 01:58



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