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#CUTE: 5-yr-old writes hilarious message to teacher accusing him of ‘blaming his farts on students’

A five-year-old girl wrote a hilarious Christmas card to a teacher at her school accusing him of "blaming his farts on students". Mum Sally Parkes, 44, asked her daughters to write some Christmas cards whilst they wound down for bed one evening. She set up her children Rosalie, five, and Bonnie, nine, with some pens, cards and envelopes and let them write notes to all their favourite teachers. Rosalie had been sounding out her sentences when Sally overheard her saying ‘farts’ and ran to investigate. The video captures Rosalie innocently reading what she was writing: "You blame your farts on the children at school", much to mum Sally's shock. Sally, a yoga teacher and author, can be heard bursting into laughter, while older sister Bonnie is heard telling Rosalie that it's "rude" to write that in a Christmas card.

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