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Inside Ovidio Guzmán's hideout in Culiacán

The people of Jesús María went to sleep Wednesday night as normal. Around four in the morning, many jumped out of bed from the horrible rumblings that could be heard outside. The Army and National Guard had begun an operation to arrest Guzmán, after the failure of 2019 in which they had to release him hours after capture. The war then broke out between federal forces and dozens of hitmen who came out to defend one of the leaders of the Los Chapitos faction. Shots were fired from all sides, and an armed forces helicopter began to shoot from the air over the houses. The entire town, with barely 5,000 inhabitants, was turned into a war zone. Culiacán, the state capital, is about 45 kilometers away from the ranch, where these days some thirty completely burned cars and trucks were blocking the way. Among them, a Sandcat, a huge armored Army truck, burned and abandoned in the middle of the road. The arch that leads to Jesus Maria welcomed anyone who dared to enter this dangerous place, normally taken by the organization led by the sons of Chapo Guzman, with a sign all shot up. Underneath, a pickup truck with handmade armor left by a group of hitmen lying next to a few boxes of 5.56 caliber Winchester bullets. On the window is written "La Chapiza," the name given to a group of young hitmen at the service of the cartel.

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