This is how the characters of Tim Burton's 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' died.

How did the characters of 'The Strange World of Jack' die? How did the residents of Halloween Town become? Here we recapture some of the less crazy theories about Tim Burton's film. Once kids get tired of most sappy Christmas movies, they go to the stop Motion fantasy of the Strange World of Jack, a film written by Tim Burton and directed by Henry Seick. However, as dark as the 76-minute film is, it's plenty for viewers' imaginations. For example, how did the residents get to Halloween Town? That is, how did they die? The film makes it clear that Jack Skellington and his teammates have been in Halloween Town for a long time, so the vast majority don't remember how they got there or what they died. However, Reddit user named IMapotatof - Kyou started that conversation in the Fan Theories Forum from a series of observations that has prompted other movie fans to launch theories about it which we retrieve here. Jack Skelington Jack Skellington was burned alive. The reason this theory exists is because of how it was presented during the opening of the movie. While all the creatures and monsters sing "This Is Halloween," Jack enters in a Scarecrow costume, setting fire, possibly representing how he died. Also, he is the only main character with no flesh on his bones, and when a person is burned alive, all that remains are teeth and bones, but no flesh. Another possibility is that his death occurred due to the acid that fell on his body, which is why he lacks skin. This theory holds true when we see the character outside a fountain with a green liquid. Exit All indications are that Sally died during the Salem trials. A historic event in the 1690s that consisted of a series of hearings and prosecutions of women who were believed to be witches or engaged in any kind of witchcraft. It is possible that Sally suspected witchcraft when she was alive because she could see the future, which caused her to be dismembered as punishment. This is possibly the reason why in the afterlife she would always have to sew the parts to her body because of the way she had lost her life. At several points in the story, her seams are not strong enough and they lose a leg, but she is so skilled with needle and thread that she solves it right away. Other characters The Mayor, on the other hand, probably died of a broken neck as his head seems to take a 180-degree turn at the slightest provocation. While Lock most likely froze to death, which explains his pale skin and blue lips. Oogie Boogie was vacated alive, so he's just a harp harp with bugs for guts. And Zero, the dog, was electrocuted . So these are some nightmares before Christmas. Of course, it is quite possible that in these beloved characters the same dynamics of human life and death do not apply, as these are fictional species with very particular existential rules.

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