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#OMG: Alligator Swims Through Flooded Parking Lot

A small alligator making its way through floodwaters in a business park in Palm Coast, Florida, was spotted by a delivery driver on September 19. Footage captured by Joel Albair shows the small gator in floodwaters just outside a heating and ventilation business on Commerce Boulevard. A flood advisory had been issued for the area. “I was making a delivery to a business in the complex. The parking lot was flooded out as you can see,” Albair told Storyful. “Luckily I was in a van and was able to drive in the water. After the delivery, I was getting ready to leave and noticed the alligator swimming in the water. I parked the van and took a couple of videos.” Albair said that the gator “did actually swim over to the van for a second” and was still swimming in the parking lot when he left, but was heading toward a pond “that was flooded over”. “I have been doing deliveries in Florida for two years and this was a first for me,” Albair said.

  • Duration: 01:22



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