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Honeybee Avoids Near Death

A beekeeper based in St Petersburg, Florida, posted a video to her Instagram of a honeybee “changing her mind” about stinging the apiarist and wiggling around to dislodge its stinger and avoid death. This video was recorded by Elisha Bixler, a beekeeper who runs an online honey shop. Bixler told Storyful that usually when a honeybee stings, her venom and stinger are released into your skin and their intestines are ripped out, leaving them to die. “You can see how she moves in a circular motion to dislodge her stinger. Once she is free, she is able to fly away unharmed, "Bixler told Storyful. “This has happened to me many times, but I did not have my camera handy,” Bixler added.

  • Duration: 01:27



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