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Beyoncé - I’M THAT GIRL (Official Teaser)

I pull up in these clothes look so good ‘Cause I’m in that hoe You know all these songs sound good ‘Cause I'm on that hoe Deadass Deadass I’m deadass It’s not the diamonds It’s not the pearls I’m that girl It’s just that I'm that girl It’s not my man It’s not my stance I’m that girl It’s just that I’m that girl From the top of the morning I shine Right through the blinds Touching everything in my plain view And everything next to me gets lit up too You see it You see it when you look to me I didn't want this power I didn’t want this power You know love is my weakness Don’t need drugs for some freak shit I’m just high all the time I’m out of my mind I’m tweakin’ Freakin’ on the weekend I’m indecent Let it begin I be pulling up in that ’92 De Ville Cadillac With them vogues losin’ my mind Be-be-beastin’ Un-American I don’t need no friends I’ve been thuggin’ for my un-American life lights In these D flawless skies Off the deep end Such a heathen Why they let me outside I pull relief in Bring that beat in Now I can breathe again I be beating down the block Knocking Basquiats off the wall That’s how I ball Cleanse me of my sins My un-American life

  • Duration: 03:36



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