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#VIRAL: Chimpanzee throws rocks at people at the zoo and his father disciplines him with a branch.

In the clip, a young chimpanzee can be seen hanging around his family in a zoo enclosure before he suddenly picks up a small rock and throws it towards one of the nearby human visitors, probably due to his mischievous nature. Fairly quickly, the camera pans to the back of the group of chimps, where a chimpanzee watching appears dumbfounded by the youngster's behavior. Then, from behind, another larger chimp, presumably a parent, emerges with a tree branch in hand and uses it to whip the naughty chimp as a typical Asian parent would do to his misbehaving child. Of course, with the whole incident being so comical and funny, many Chinese netizens took the opportunity to express their own opinions: some praised the larger chimp for taking the time to discipline the child, while others decided that perhaps using a big stick was taking. things a little too far. Let's hope it wasn't anything too serious, of course.

  • Duration: 00:09



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