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#CUTE: Playful Baby Elephant Almost Flattens Model

Playful Baby Elephant Almost Flattens Model at Thai Resort A baby elephant got a little too playful when a model tried to pose next to it in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and ended up knocking her to the ground. In video posted on Instagram on June 17, Megan Milan, a model based in New York and Los Angeles, is seen posing next to a group of elephants, and trying to hold back her laughter as the excitable baby elephant starts pushing and shoving her. The elephant, not knowing its own strength, pushes Milan to the ground and flops down on top of her. Milan laughed her way through the encounter and, despite the unexpected roughhousing, said she was left uninjured. “As you all can see, we were just playing around. This little guy is only three weeks old!” Milan wrote in her Instagram post.

  • Duration: 01:26



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