#VIRAL: Mime forces father to carry partner's backpack while she carries baby

The situation happened at the SeaWorld park in Orlando(USA), a mime approached some young parents after noticing that the man had nothing on him, while the mother had her son and the backpack at the same time. That's where the mime handed the bag to the dad to be fair. The right thing to do is for both mother and father to care for their child equally, though perhaps some people forget that important detail. That's why there are always people who take it upon themselves to remind them, just like the mime did at the water park. The TikTok user identified as @fiestascondjnova captured with his cell phone the exact moment when the mime reminded a father of the importance of helping his partner and being equitable. As soon as the man with a painted face saw the woman with a backpack and baby in her arms, he approached her to ask if the man behind her was her partner, the woman with a gesture confirmed to the mime. The pantomime took the backpack from the mother and passed it to the man to carry because he had nothing. The mother could not hold back her laughter and the father could only smile at the situation as they continued on their way. The park's public admired the mime's gesture and applauded him on the spot. He also earned the respect of TikTok users, where the gesture has had more than 12 million reproductions.

  • Duration: 00:24



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