Argentine Tiktoker came to Hermosillo for his Internet crush; lasts a short time, but falls in love with Mexico

Eric Uriel, an Argentine tiktoker, came to Hermosillo for his Internet crush in the hope that he would become the love of his life, but a week later it was all over. However, Uriel saw something in Mexico that made him fall in love and decided to stay. He says that since he was young he had been anxious to leave his native Argentina to try his luck in another place and get to know another culture, but he couldn't make up his mind, until a woman from Hermosillo finally made him embark on his adventure. It was in 2007, when Eric spoke for the first time with Maria, they were both 17 years old at the time, and he says that they spoke to each other with love, but because they were far away and had no way to visit each other, the conversation died down until 2020, when she proposed him to come after having resumed their talks. She wrote me to say hello on New Year's Day... she told me to come and try my luck, that we would be together, I thought about it for a few days and I decided", recalls Uriel. So, Uriel quit, saved what he was given at work and sold many of his belongings to have some money to get to Sonora and be able to live a few months without work. Because of the Covid pandemic and its restrictions, his flight was delayed three times, he even had to spend a full day in Colombia because his flight was delayed, then he made a stopover in Mexico City and finally arrived in Hermosillo. He mentions that when he arrived, he noticed Maria, distant, he stayed a week at her and her mom's house, but he believes that she did not handle the fact of having him physically. He relates that at most they went out together to the movies, so he asked what was going on, to which she replied that she got used to being alone and not depending on someone, plus she told him "you were not the person I had met in networks".

  • Duration: 07:33