A tour through some of the hardest moments of the series. Who or who will join the terrible list in the final stretch of the zombie fiction? The second half of season 11 of The Walking Dead has just been released and, although we still have a third one ahead that will be the one that will put the final touch to the zombie fiction, the episodes of this last installment of the series smell of denouement and, with each episode aired, we are one step closer to knowing the end. It has been eleven seasons and almost 12 years since we met the group of Atlanta survivors in the first installment and many things have happened since then. Of the initial group only two are still alive -Carol (Melissa McBride) and Daryl (Norman Reedus), precisely those who have earned their own spin-off- but, along the way, we have met dozens and dozens of characters who have quickly won the affection of the fans. Some, like Maggie, more veterans. Others, like Aaron, Connie, Yumiko or Princess, have joined as the protagonists moved through different communities and faced new threats. But in addition to meeting many new characters, we have also had to say goodbye to many others with great sadness. In most cases, with the exception of Michonne and Rick and some other lucky ones, because they have not survived the threat of the undead or the threat posed by other humans in the midst of the apocalypse. In short, throughout the 12-year run of The Walking Dead, which is about to come to an end, we have seen not dozens, but hundreds of major characters die. We compile below some of the saddest and most shocking ones, crossing our fingers that we won't see any of those still alive meeting the same fate. Although that, in a series that has been teaching us for years that no one is safe, seems quite impossible. One of those hard scenes, one of the first deaths that hurt us in The Walking Dead. You may not remember Amy too well, but she was one of the members of the group in the first season and died after the horde's attack on the Atlanta camp. Andrea was not separated from her sister until she woke up fully turned zombie to finally shoot her head off. The character of Dale (Jeffrey DeMunn) was special, the figure with the most age since the beginning of the series said goodbye in the second season after falling into the hands of a walker. Later we would know that the reason is that the actor did not want to continue being part of the series without Frank Darabont at the helm, but the truth is that the way in which the zombie that attacked him ripped his guts out makes him one of the most shocking losses. Perhaps not sad, but absolutely shocking since Shane was the first non-infected who we saw rise as the undead after passing away. Moments before his reanimation, Jon Bernthal's character had been killed by good old Rick Grimes in self-defense. Carol's daughter disappeared in the second season in the absent-mindedness of an escape and the protagonists were looking for her relentlessly when the reality is that she had always been there: in Hershel's barn that was full of walkers. It was truly heartbreaking to watch Carol witness in horror as her zombified daughter emerged from the infamous farm barn. Her own son Carl was in charge of saying the last goodbye - and yes, the last shot - to Lori, who couldn't survive and bled to death after the C-section Carol had to perform to help her deliver Judith. It happened in prison and, although her death is much more shocking in the comics, the event had a strong impact on Rick, who had a hard time regaining his sanity. Although the character of Andrea (Laurie Holden) was quite controversial and far from being among the favorites of zombie fiction lovers, her death was shocking. She was part of the cast that started The Walking Dead in 2010 and one of the star characters of the comics, although in the series she deviated quite a bit from the original material. She ended up being the Governor's lover and living with him in Woodbury, but when she realized what was there she ended up a victim of her own choosing. It was her friend, Michonne, who was in charge of giving her the shot that would prevent her from ending up becoming just another walker. He died a brave man. T-Dog was caught off guard by a zombie while closing the gate to keep a horde from entering the prison and threw himself at the zombies to save Carol. He was a character created exclusively for the series and for a while it was said that he "didn't look like much", but the reality is that he was a veteran and his death made us all feel very sorry for him.

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