Sofia Vergara for Bally Total Fitness in 1998

You know how sometimes a celebrity becomes really popular and all of the sudden all sorts of embarrassing clips from commercials or movies they%u2019ve done start surfacing and we all have a good laugh about it? Yeah, this isn%u2019t that at all. Sofia Vergara is more popular than ever these days thanks to her role on the ABC comedy Modern Family, but in 1998, she was still mostly just known as a model. So it%u2019s not at all surprising that she%u2019d agree to do a Bally Total Fitness commercial. She%u2019s certainly got the, um, “fitness” for the job, that%u2019s for sure. But unlike so many celebs before her, this acting gig from days gone by is no reason for embarrassment. In fact, it%u2019s about the sexiest damn thing we%u2019ve seen this week. And, hello, five dollar signup fee? What a bargain!

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