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Hikers Rescue Struggling Animal from Snow

After this group of hikers found a small, unmoving creature lying in the snow, they took it home to help it recover before freeing it back into the wild. Alena Maksimova, 38, was out walking her Husky and Dachshund recently when the dogs brought her attention to a small creature that was lying in the thick snow. The creature showed slight signs of movement, so Alena picked it up and took it back home to help the tiny animal warm-up. After Alena sent a video of the creature to her veterinarian, she was informed that it was in fact a marten, part of the weasel family. Alena said: “The dogs smelled the creature and led us there by the smell. In the wilderness of the forest, we saw that the animal was lying, freezing cold. We decided to take it home, warm it up and feed it. At first, we thought it was a fox cub. I sent the video to the veterinarian and she told us that it was a marten. So we had this marten at home for a couple of days. After an hour of staying in the house, it warmed up and began to run around the house. After a few days, we managed to get it inside the cat carrier and get it back to the forest.”

  • Duration: 01:28