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UFC 126 Results, Anderson Silva vs Vitor Belfort Fight - UFC126 fight Video|UfC126 Fight 2011 - Full Video

UFC 126 event tonight in Las Vegas, the front kick heard around the world came out when Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort was stopped just after a few minutes of the first round. The Silva vs. Belfort fight video showed a stunning front kick to the chin of the opponent. Both fighters appeared tentative after a week of back and forth talking between both camps. The rivalry increased after several Belfort comments about Silva %u2018wearing a mask%u2019 which ended with Silva showing up at the Friday weigh in event with a stark white mask. Silva went nose to nose with his challenger with staff breaking them apart. The fight started with little action other than a couple of punches and leg kicks but the front face kick appeared from nowhere and caught Belfort square on the chin which took the legs from under the challenger. Silva pounced on Belfort to win the event after referee Mario Yamasaki called it over.

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