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Russia shows tanks, military equipment leaving Crimea

#Moscow announced a partial #pullback of #forces from near #Ukraine on Tuesday. The move was met with skepticism, however, and U.S. President Joe Biden said that more than 150,000 Russian troops were still amassed near Ukraine's borders. World powers are engaged in one of the deepest crises in East-West relations for decades, jostling over post-Cold War influence and energy supplies as Moscow wants to stop the former Soviet neighbour ever joining the #NATO #military alliance. On Wednesday morning, video footage showed what the defence ministry said were tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and self-propelled artillery units leaving the Crimean peninsula that Moscow seized from #Kyiv in 2014. The video, published by the RIA news agency, showed dozens of military vehicles crossing the bridge at night. A separate convoy of service vehicles drove across a different bridge, the TASS news agency cited the military as saying.

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