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#OMG: Chinese singer of K-pop group Everglow criticized for not kneeling in front of Korean fans

A Chinese member of K-pop group Everglow has been criticized online after using traditional Chinese etiquette to greet fans instead of kneeling like her South Korean bandmates. Singer Wang Yiren was with other Everglow members at an event on Jan. 2 to greet a group of fans in Seoul, and while the other members knelt on the ground in traditional Korean style, Wang used a Chinese gesture, the fist and palm greeting, to express thanks and New Year's greetings. The act of kneeling is no longer considered appropriate in China and is understood as a servile gesture. However, it is still in use in South Korea as a way of greeting and thanking, South China Morning Post reported. Wang's gesture has drawn widespread condemnation on social media. Many people told the star to "go back to China": "Don't make money in Korea," the newspaper reported. However, several Chinese netizens have defended the singer, with many pointing out that just because she shows her love for K-pop doesn't mean she has to follow all of South Korean culture.

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