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#VIRAL: Shark vs. crocodile caught on video

This fisherman caught a bull shark only to have a hungry crocodile come snatch it off his line. Professional artist Daniel Johnson, 41, of Proserpine, Queensland, Australia, was fishing along the Proserpine River on December 18, 2021. Daniel managed to hook a bull shark about one meter in length, but was unable to reel it in because it was caught on the river bank. Daniel's catch attracted some curious onlookers, though none more interested than a large crocodile waiting in the river. The crocodile approached the line and ripped Daniel's bull shark right off the line. The shocking video shows the crocodile slowly approaching the shark, while the shark remains motionless on the river bank. In an instant, the crocodile hooks the shark with its mouth until it swallows it.

  • Duration: 01:26