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Baked Beans For XMAS DINNER? Strangest Addictions You'll Ever See!

A baked bean fanatic is set to enjoy his Christmas dinner in the only way he knows how... By covering it in Heinz beans. Captain Beany, formerly known as Barry Kirk, 67, became infatuated with Heinz baked beans after creating a Guinness World Record in 1986 by spending 100 hours in a bath filled with the traditional British dish. He changed his name by deed poll to Captain Beany in May 1991 in a bid to be seen as a "local superhero". Captain Beany, from Port Talbot, Wales, has decorated his Christmas tree with homemade Heinz baked beans baubles and cans and is planning on tucking into a Christmas dinner covered in baked beans after admitting to spending it alone having been single for decades.

  • Duration: 02:27