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R.I.O. - Like I Love You (Official Music Video)

in stores: 28.01.2011 The first-class team of producers Manian and Yanou now release THE brand new follow-up tune "Like I Love You" of their staract R.I.O.! After a line of huge summer hits within the last couple of years (like e.g. "Shine On", "When The Sun Comes Down" or "Hot Girl") the new track is considered as THE winter tune 2010. Due to an awesome new club-style sound, the typical hot and R.I.O.-like beats and a huge Money G remix, the track will not only climb up the charts but also conquer the international club-scene. "Like I Love You" -- keep it in mind, the track will get everyone on the dancefloor and scale the charts in a flash again.

  • Duration: 03:45



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