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#VIRAL: Man asking for job on the street with baby in arms goes viral and gets job

There is no doubt that in order to find a job, some people do everything possible to achieve their goal and get a job. Such is the case of Angel Ariel Ustares, 34 years old, who went out to the street with his son -in his arms- and his resume to find a job. Thanks to some people who shared his story on social networks, it became viral and there was no shortage of job offers and he even chose where to work. This case went viral in social networks, because it managed to move those who knew his story. Angel Ariel Ustares and his wife Laura went to the streets to beg for alms to feed their two children, as they had no job to cover their expenses. However, in spite of everything, the 34-year-old man not only went out to beg for money, but also offered his résumé so that if anyone knew of an opportunity they would let him know. Every day he would stand outside a bank in the city of Palermo, Argentina, until his lucky day came. The man had many talents, he was a bricklayer and mechanic by profession, so he had to get something out of every week on the street. According to Biobiochile, a woman, Sandra Tolosa, approached the man to know his story, took a photo, uploaded it to the networks and this helped him find employment. "Ángel and his family are on the street. I saw his resume next to the 5-month-old baby and asked him what he was doing. Crying he told me that he is a bricklayer and mechanic. He can't get a job. Maybe by going viral we can help him. He told me that he doesn't want to give up for his son," Sandra wrote in her Facebook post. It only took a few hours and the likes, comments and shares were noticed. The man received several job offers. After the post went viral, Agustina Lemucchi, an IT recruiter, shared the same story on her Linkedin profile. The job offers came in. However, not only did the job offers arrive, as she was also offered food and even a cell phone so that she could receive job offers. The case even reached government institutions that helped him to manage his situation and thus acquire benefits as a worker. Thanks to social networks, which made his publication viral, Angel got a job as a mechanic in a well-known French car brand.

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