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UFO over Jerusalem 3 videos synchronized

The sighting reportedly occurred around 1:00 AM as the witnesses filmed from the promenade of Armon Hantziv in Jerusalem. The building in the distance that can be seen is the Temple of the Mount. As the video unfolds we can clearly see a bright light hovering down and then holding still above the temple before it finally drops quickly to the temple where it hovers for several seconds. At 0:32 the object suddenly flashes and then shoots up into the air rapidly. The camera then pans upward and then we can see four lights flashing independently. They are not - as it would seem - independent of one another. As it starts to move it's clear that the shape of the object they are attached to is a massive square. Giant floating rectangular craft have been reported recently in massive numbers by independent witnesses in different countries. You may recall in December of 2010 we covered the subject of the recent influx of rectangular UFO reports which were pouring in very differently than the more traditional triangular or disc shaped craft. As the video goes on the object rotates slightly and moves off camera.

  • Duration: 01:22



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