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Nala Ray: Pastor's daughter left religion and opens an account on Onlyfans(She tells all)

As detailed by the 23-year-old woman, from a very early age she began to feel that sex work would be her vocation, which is why she took advantage of her part-time job at a breakfast bar in a local mall to explore that area forbidden by her family and religion. "The mall for me was a total sanctuary. I loved seeing all the people flirting, on dates and dressed in short skirts and tight blouses," she said adding that in her job as a waitress, "I flirted outrageously for tips. I was obsessed with the attention I could get in skimpy attire. I even used to take my bra off under tight blouses. I was so obvious about my sexuality. Even then, as a 16-year-old pastor's daughter, I knew that sex work would be my calling." Translated with www.DeepL.com/… (free version)

  • Duration: 05:37