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#VIRAL: This girl experiences anesthesia on half of her face after going to the dentist.

This girl experienced an 'epic fail' when the anesthesia she was given at the dentist left her feeling only half of her face. Receptionist Victoria Orsini, 26, went to the dentist to have a cavity filled, but after an extra dose of painkillers, her face became hilariously distorted. While Victoria was at the dentist, she told them that the anesthetic wasn't working and she still had sensitivity in her mouth, prompting not one, but two extra doses of novocaine to make sure she didn't feel pain during her procedure performed last July 21. After the appointment, Victoria and her boyfriend, Eric, sat in her car laughing at the amusing effects the drugs had. Victoria then tried to explain why she was given the extra doses with slurred speech and slurred thoughts as she made a winking face caused even more by the local anesthesia.

  • Duration: 01:49