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Jennifer Lopez: Behind The Scenes Of On The Floor music video

Jennifer Lopez just wants everyone to dance. Over the weekend, J.Lo shot the music video for her new club jam, "On the Floor," and in it, Lopez and her crew are living by this motto: Just dance. "I play one character where she kind of runs this party, acts like she's kind of over it, but at the same time loves it and loves this kind of underground kind of party dance culture," the new "American Idol" judge told MTV News on the set of her video. "So I got to be wild and crazy, and at the same time I got to be sexy and sweet too." The video and song feature Pitbull, and the rapper revealed he has a certain system when it comes to appearing on this type of dance track. "When you got these big, big house records or club records that are very global, I try to come in on what I was raised on, what I'm a fan of, which is just spitting hard," he explained. Lady Gaga producer RedOne said of crafting the track, "It's a global sound. It's very rhythmic. It has this rhythm. You know J.Lo: She's this global star with Latin flavor." Last week, RedOne gushed about working with the pop star. "She's a dancer. She can sing. I was really amazed, and I had so much fun working with her," he said. "Her energy and everything about her is a star, and it was natural for me to do what we did." Lopez said the video mirrors the song's theme. "Every single lyric is about letting go: Get on the floor and be an animal," she said. And she explained that while the album is diverse, it's all really just about one thing. "There's so many songs on the album I'm excited for people to hear for so many reasons," she said. "Some of them because they're just straight-up club bangers, some because of what they have to say, and some because of how they make you groove. They're all very thematic in the sense that they're all about love."

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