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#VIDEO: This is what Einar El Vikingo did with a child.

Social networks exploded due to a video in which you can see a professional wrestler named Einar El Vikingo, assaulting a 5 year old boy. What happened? if you want more details stay in this video. but first, I invite you to Joce and Jey's channel, if you like omegle's videos, this channel is for you. Below is the link to their latest video, support me by subscribing. While a wrestling street event was taking place in the Aviación Civil neighborhood in Mexico City, a wrestler named Einar El Vikingo, lost his head, and did something that led him to be lynched by a mob of people. This wrestler after finishing a tercias fight in which he competed, got out of the ring and let a small fan perform a key, but at the end of the movement he threw him without any compassion to the road, creating great hysteria among those present. when they saw what happened immediately the public that was there went over him hitting him, until the police intervened and took him to the prosecutor's office. The little boy was taken to the nearest health center, which confirmed that he had not suffered any serious injury. on the other hand, the wrestler was suspended indefinitely by the Mexico City Wrestling Commission. this sanction was announced by commissioner José Contreras Massa, who also informed that he will request that it be applied to the wrestling commissions throughout the country. The Wrestling Commission of Mexico City has taken the following decision with respect to the clandestine wrestling event held on May 21 of this year, in the Venustiano Carranza mayor's office with respect to the wrestler Einar El Vikingo, who assaulted a minor, is the indefinite suspension and the same will be requested to the other wrestling commissions of the Mexican Republic to apply the same punishment. Also, Revelación Lucha Libre Iztapalapa, the company where Einar El Vikingo usually wrestles, announced that he will no longer belong to the cast, and will support the family of the affected minor. Now that you know this information, what do you think? do you think this person deserves to continue participating in professional wrestling?

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