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#CUTE: This child's best friend is this real-life Peppa Pig.

The dream of a little boy obsessed with Peppa Pig has come true after his mother bought him a real piggy that has ended up becoming his best friend. Adorable Teddy Constantine loves nothing more than seeing his favorite cartoon pig, and for the past three weeks since his mother gave him a piglet - which he has also named Peppa - he has not been separated from his new best friend. Hannah, 19, says the two are inseparable and Peppa even helps 13-month-old Teddy walk as he chases her around the house in Leigh, Greater Manchester. Since Teddy was eight months old he hasn't missed a single episode of Peppa Pig. Now he watches them with his new best friend, with whom he settles down on the sofa to enjoy some time together.

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