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#VIRAL: Coffins slide into the sea after cliff landslide, Camogli Italy.

A landslide swept away the cemetery of Camogli, on the east coast of Liguria, and dragged dozens of coffins into the sea. Firefighters intervened with equipment from Rapallo and divers with the boat of the Gadda detachment. During the afternoon 10 coffins were recovered, before the collapse that affected about 200 niches, according to the municipality all occupied. At sea, oceanic breakdowns have been put in place that prevent the material from leaving the coast and on Tuesday geologists will make assessments with drones to understand the danger index, both to assess and to send people there safely to recover coffins, but also because on one side is the road and a number of houses, about 4 ". This is the point of the regional councilor for civil protection Giacomo Giampedrone in AGI, after the inspection in Camogli, where a landslide collapsed in the afternoon a part of the cemetery pouring rocks, stones, marbles and various coffins into the sea. Translated with www.DeepL.com/… (free version)

  • Duration: 03:02