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#VIDEO: During baby shower, man reveals he is sterile and exhibits infidelity to his partner

A video circulating in social networks shows the moment when a man exhibits his partner's infidelity while celebrating the baby shower and the revelation of his baby's sex. The video shows the couple in front of their family and friends, who are anxiously waiting for the revelation of the sex of the baby they are expecting. However, the celebration would not only reveal the sex of the baby, but also the infidelity of the woman, who was apparently expecting a child from another man. Before making the revelations, the woman addressed a few words of thanks to her guests, who, not knowing what was coming, anxiously awaited the outcome. However, the man took the microphone and after announcing that the baby is a boy, revealed that he is sterile and showed a video with which he exhibited his partner's infidelity, with a man who was also present at the scene. Surprised and furious, the couple's friends and family faced the woman, who quickly left the place between sobs.

  • Duration: 07:44