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The Nibelungs 2:Kriemhild's Revenge | Los Nibelungos 2:La Venganza de Kriemhild (1924) | Fritz Lang - Sub SpanshHD

Kriemhild's Revenge is the second part of the diptych The Ring of the Nibelungs. Released only a couple of months after Sigried, this second part brings an unthinkable balance to the first. The Nibelungs is usually described as an optimal title to approach that peculiar characteristic of its author's cinema, which is the wonderful fusion between the purely intuitive, spontaneous, subway and latent, and the deeply geometric, studied, millimetric character of its realization and its images. In the history of cinema there have been few filmmakers with Lang's amazing intellectual and aesthetic melting pot, which in the present film finds the perfect mode of development: the love for pure narratives, full of events and episodes that express his characters before their words; the sense of romanticism; the poetics of the tragic; the ability to visually take over fascinating settings and subordinate them to a mise-en-scene that is unadorned, concise, synthetic and yet enormously suggestive... All of this and much more shines through in Los Nibelungos; it is only fair to acknowledge that the original legend and the Lang of the time were destined to meet.

  • Duration: 2:09:54



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