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#OMG: Creative cakes will confuse your mind because they are not what they seem

The first time the viewer sees these images without reading the title, he may think that what he sees is nothing more than a plate of macaroni or mashed potatoes, with peas, sweet potato sticks and roast beef, but the reality is that all that food is cake. The person responsible for this illusionist "attack" on our brains is Selina McCloud, 38, who has long experience fooling her family into believing she has made dinner, when in fact what she has taken care of is dessert. McCloud, from Gosport, Hampshire, spends many hours creating these masterpieces using all kinds of techniques and glazes to achieve a realistic effect. His success with the cakes goes beyond the family sphere and is highly valued on social networks where his followers are delighted with Selina's illusory creations. Although she has also met some clueless people who have asked her for the recipe of the dish she represents. Translated with www.DeepL.com/… (free version)

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