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#CUTE: This little girl doesn't lose her concentration despite the festive atmosphere in her family

Delaney Jones, six, decided to shoot a video from her home in Beaverton, Oregon, while drawing her own picture using glossy glue to send to her teacher, whom she missed and hasn't seen in a while, because she now receives distance education. In the images you can see Delaney working hard, concentrating on his masterpiece and not flinching despite the hustle and bustle and the festive atmosphere in his home. As Delaney narrates the step-by-step, his father, Isaac, 40, is fooling around behind him with music in the background. Little Teddy, one year old, was spinning through the air while his older brother Hunter, nine years old, was joining in the fun with star appearances. The mix of Delaney's seriousness and his family's contagious madness has made the funny video go viral with over 15 million views.

  • Duration: 02:40



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