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This boy jokes about his girlfriend wiping her kisses

After being together for almost four years, love is still in the air for 21-year-old Isaac Cervantes and his girlfriend Andrea Lopez, but that doesn't mean Isaac doesn't like to play a joke once in a while. One day, as the couple relaxed on the couch, Isaac asked Andrea for a kiss and set up the camera to record her reaction when he wiped it off with his hand. Surprised by the reaction, Andrea decided to continue kissing Isaac, but to her dismay, her boyfriend continued to do the same, resulting in a hilarious video that accumulated over 30 million views in TikTok. Isaac said, "Andrea was confused and hurt that I was cleaning up her kisses, but in the end she wouldn't stop kissing me. "We were very surprised, but it was a great feeling when we learned that the video had gone viral.

  • Duration: 00:44