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Climate change in the desert

Climate change is also hitting the idyllic oases of Morocco. Sandstorms are more frequent, the water table is falling, palm trees are drying up... Desertification is causing the oases to be in danger of disappearing. Halim Sbai lives in the Moroccan town of M'Hamid El Ghizlane. According to him, "the oasis is really a paradise". But Halim, like many here, is fighting a desperate battle for the survival of the region. Between the Anti-Atlas mountain range and the Sahara desert, picturesque palm tree oases follow one another in Morocco. Green islands in the desert and home to nearly two million people. But for how long? Until now, many earned their living from the fruits of the date palms. But this activity is becoming increasingly difficult. Each year there is less rain, the plants wither and the harvest declines alarmingly. Yet Halim Sbai doesn't give up. Stubborn, he tries to save "his" oases. He plants new palms and tries to protect his most precious asset: water. But his hopes are no longer placed on the date palms, but on tourism, on showing visitors the picturesque landscape, which could soon disappear forever. The death of the oases is a warning of how global warming threatens the Mediterranean region.

  • Duration: 28:18