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#VIRAL: Grandpa met great-grandson and his reaction made us cry

One of these moments was played by a grandfather when he met his great-grandson. It turns out that the man was locked in his house to prevent a possible coronavirus infection, which made him unable to attend the birth of his great-grandson. However, it came as a surprise when, after a few weeks, his granddaughter knocked on his door to introduce him to the new member of the family. My grandfather met his great-grandson after 2 months, he was born and after a few days he started the quarantine. This was his reaction. I took advantage of his vaccinations and I wanted to give him this surprise since he hadn't seen anyone since all this began, the woman commented on social networks. When the man saw the little one he carried him and began to cry in the most tender way you can imagine. The touching moment was captured on video and broadcast on social networks.

  • Duration: 01:20