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Family recreates beach in their patio to quarantine

To enjoy the Easter holidays without leaving their house for quarantine, a family from San Pedro, Coahuila, transformed their patio into a beach. The social confinement measures imposed by the coronavirus pandemic were not an impediment for the González Morales family to spend a few days of rest on the beach as planned. When Christian saw that his wife and children were sad when they learned that they could not go on Easter holidays to Mazatlán due to the health contingency caused by COVID-19, he decided to invest what he had saved in a pool and paint to transform the patio. from his beach house. Mariel and Matias, their children, were the happiest to have a beach in their own patio. Christian is a high school teacher and supports sanitary measures to prevent an increase in the number of coronavirus infections, so he teaches online so that his students do not fall behind. The image of this family has gone viral on social networks, showing that there are many options to have a good time with the family without having to leave home.

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