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Is the coronavirus China's chance at global leadership?

by NewsNews

China is sending medical expertise and supplies around the world, positioning itself as a potential savior in the fight against the new coronavirus just as the West sinks deeper into crisis. It’s a stunning turnaround just weeks after the COVID-19 outbreak emerged in China and began its exponential growth. Is there more to this... than meets the eye? Senior figures in Beijing are accused of leading disinformation campaigns aimed at deflecting blame for the outbreak getting out of control in the first place. And experts explain how China’s deliveries of medical supplies fit in to a much longer-term project aimed at building its image and influence around the world — particularly in regions such as Central and Eastern Europe, where Beijing’s attentions have raised fears it is trying to divide the European Union. With the Western alliance already weakened by the Trump presidency and uncertainty over the unity of Europe, could China turn the disaster of COVID-19 into a major step towards global leadership?

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