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#VIRAL: Doctor saves a man by sucking his urine

Two doctors saved an older man sucking his urine in the middle of a flight between Guangzhou, China, and New York, on November 19. At the time of the incident, the flight was about six hours from its destination, and an older man became ill making it difficult to urinate. After a few minutes, his bladder came to contain about 1,000 milliliters of urine, which implied the risk of bursting at any time. The disease usually needs to be treated with puncture and urination, but the equipment on the plane was limited. So a doctor created a urine absorption device with the portable oxygen mask catheter, a syringe needle, a straw and masking tape. However, due to limited space, doctors could not lift the device high and the needle was too thin to drain urine from the old man's bladder. At that critical moment, another doctor decided to suck the urine in order to better control the speed and strength of the urine discharge. For 37 minutes, the doctor continuously sucked the urine and spit it out into a cup.

  • Duration: 00:29