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Pope Francis changes the name to the Vatican Secret Archive

Pope Francis declared Monday that the Vatican's Secret Archive is not so secret, after all. The pontiff changed the official name of the Holy See archive on Monday to eliminate what he described as "negative" implications of including the word "secret" in the name. From now on, the immense collection of documents gathered by the popes will be officially known as the "Vatican Apostolic Archive." The pope said that the file has been open to academics for some time, and that he himself has decreed that the archives relating to Pius XII, who was pope during World War II and has sometimes been accused of not having sufficiently denounced the Holocaust , will open early, on March 2, 2020. However, he noted that the name change better reflects the reality of the archive and "its service to the Church and the world of culture." Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte denied Monday that he was involved in the scandal over illegal real estate transactions in the Vatican and denounced this Monday by the English press. Conte was hired as a lawyer in May 2018, before assuming the post of prime minister, for the firm Fiber 4.0, which wanted to take over the control of the Italian telecommunications company Retelit, according to the English newspaper Financial Times. According to the publication, the largest Fiber 4.0 investor is Athena Global Opportunities, a fund that depends entirely on the Vatican Secretariat of State and that wanted to acquire luxury real estate in London, so it is at the center of an internal investigation in the Vatican for alleged irregularities. Conte gave a legal opinion and was not aware, nor did he have to be aware, of the fact that some investors were linked to an investment fund backed by the Vatican and now at the center of an investigation, "said the office of the first Italian minister In early October a group of five important Vatican officials, including leaders of the Secretary of State and financial inspectors, were suspended following an investigation into illegal real estate transactions carried out abroad.

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