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Why don't the doors of public toilets reach the floor?

What do public baths cause you? Terror? I thought so. But have you ever wondered why cubicle doors almost never reach the floor? Well, it turns out that there is not one, but many more than valid reasons for the doors not to cover you completely! Some are obvious, while others are unexpected. For example, fully enclosed cubicles give a cozy feeling of isolation. People move away from noise and movement in the bathroom and, as a result, forget about those outside waiting for their turn. They relax more spend more time taking care of their own things. In addition, leaving a space makes bathrooms easier to clean! TIME BRANDS: There are emergencies where every minute counts 0:29 Avoid unnecessary rows 1:00 It is not so easy to get rid of the smells inside 1:33 Closed cubicles are cheaper 1:57 Discourages inappropriate behavior 2:37 You can ask your neighbor to give you paper 3:31 Speed ​​up traffic 4:05 It makes the bathroom easier to clean 4:31 Why do most of the entrances to the bathrooms open inwards? 5:17

  • Duration: 07:55