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Jolie Zombie arrested in Iran for blasphemy and corruption of minors

A woman known for posting images on the Internet in which she appeared as the main character of Tim Burton's “The Corpse of the Bride” movie was arrested by the Iranian authorities, a semi-official news agency reported. The Tasnim news agency said the woman, whom she identified only by name Fatemah, was arrested on Saturday. Authorities want to accuse her of promoting violence, for blasphemy and corrupting young people, the agency added. News of his arrest spread rapidly among Iran's internet users on Monday. The woman, also compared to the "terrifying" version of American actress Angelina Jolie, has a large following on Instagram. Some time ago, the woman published that she underwent plastic surgery to look like "Emily," the girlfriend in the stop-motion movie whose voice is from actress Helena Bonham Carter in the 2005 film. However, 'Jolie zombie' herself later revealed her true face and explained that her cadaverous appearance is a result of Photoshop and makeup.

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